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The Teide Volcano

How about climbing to the top of the volcano? Ready!? Active volcano and unsurpassed flora and fauna! What could be more wonderful and how can not take your breath away?!
Contrasting weather-the sun is shining bright and at the same time a cold wind is blowing! Need to dress warm! To comfortably enjoy all the delights of the tour in this wonderful place!
If your physical training is normal, you can overcome the ascent on foot! Or rent a car and watch the view from the window! Around you will see Volcanic white and black lava fragments, frozen and taking the most unexpected forms! The most outstanding shard has its name Los Roques de Garcia and was even depicted on a 1000 pesetas bill!
This is so unusual that you do not immediately understand how to keep on such a narrow basis these large peaks!
If your visit to the volcano fell in the period from April to June-be ready to drown in fragrant flowers around the trees! Rapidly and colourful flora pleasing to the eye!
Be sure to visit the place, which is called «moon valley» only after visiting there you can appreciate this place! Words can not describe!
And no wonder this area was chosen for the filming of the movie «star wars»!
On the slopes of the volcano itself there are unique pines that have adapted over the years and got a unique ability — they do not burn! And even if there is a fire, and they burn-then fully recover!
And so, looking around you clearly want to move to the top!
Having overcome in any way 2000m to the top, there Is still 1000! Which you can conquer by foot or have to use the cable car!
Climbed?!? Of course Yes! Well, who can resist this?!
Complete infringement of freedom!!!
And now the most delicious!!!
How about meeting the sunrise or sunset at the top?!
You want?! Get it!
It is very conveniently located a small and cozy hotel where you can spend the night and merge with nature!
This dawn or sunset you will never forget!!!
There is no one vacationer in Tenerife who has not visited this place! Such a local unquestioning ritual!



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