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Camel Park

Location: Ctra. Gral. s/n Los Cristianos to La Camella. Arona . Tenerife, 38627 La Camella, Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Working hours: from 10\00 to 17\00
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An artificially created habitat, a camel’s corner! Camels in Tenerife have been used for a long time to transport goods, but now they have been completely replaced by cars. Now the Park exists for the guests to make a trip as part of the caravan! The main entertainment of this place is camel riding in the surrounding area! Alone or with a child, it will be very exciting and exciting! The walk lasts 20-30 minutes, under the scorching sun, swinging on a camel an unforgettable walk! After the tour you can walk around the farm and meet goats, horses, donkeys, ducks, geese, chickens and suddenly you can meet parrots environment of all animals, they fly there freely!
A lot of young animals for which it is interesting to watch! The child will be very pleased with the visit to this Park!

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